The name is only the beginning. Most likely, you also need a logo, corporate identity, brand book and other materials for your product. Therefore, we created the WHYTE branding boutique — to realize the complex and ambitious goals of our customers. WWW.THEWHYTE.COM
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DASH - Branding Project Photo

DASH is the new European electric scooter rental service, that guarantees your scooter will always be charged — because you take it and leave it near the charging station. Now flocking around the city is faster, cheaper and cleaner. For DASH we developed a logo, that combines the idea of movement and the exaggerated silhouette of a charging station.

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todobank - Branding Project Photo

Megabank is the main bank of Kharkov, in which the majority of Kharkiv pay municipal bills. However, most of these people are not clients of the bank. It was decided to correct this situation by increasing the number of bank customers at the expense of people who constantly pay municipal bills at the bank, but do not use other services.

That is how todobank appeared — a mobile bank created on the basis of Megabank JSC, with a convenient application, an electronic wallet and a Visa Gold card.

todobank is designed so that Kharkiv citizens, and later residents of other cities, can freely pay for utilities, make transfers and conveniently manage their own finances.

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To conduct a comprehensive rebranding of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, which would demonstrate the renewal of the privatization process?

Within the framework of the project, we created the adjusted positioning of the Fund, and also developed a complex of visual elements: a new logo, corporate style and a large brandbook

The main message of the updated Foundation:
These two principles were used to create the new corporate style of the Fund, built on the principle of dynamic identity, when visual elements are transformed, but retain the recognition and consistency of the corporate identity.

The idea of transparency was conveyed thanks to the light, airy layout of communication materials, as well as the execution of business cards, envelopes and folders made from transparent plastic.

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бизнес-центр FRANKLIN
бизнес-центр FRANKLIN - Branding Project Photo

FRANKLIN is the new business center in the center of Dnipro city. A business center is always a story about money. And the international "face" of money is, of course, Benjamin Franklin, who adorns a hundred-dollar bill. The visual identity based on the style of the US state symbols. The FRANKLIN's sign is stylized as the coat of arms, the restrained color palette translates prestige, reliability and fundamentalism. It can be read in every piece of style from the business card to the entrance hall of business center.

We developed the name, the slogan "Money Talks", the logo, corporate identity and brand book.

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SocialTech - Branding Project Photo

SocialTech is the IT-company that specializes in social services.

Task: To create a visual identity that would emphasize the social aspect of business, the idea of uniting people and also to show solid ambitions and high competence of the company.

Solution: The logo is based on the first letter in the name SocialTech stylized as a superhero sign. The idea of the community of people is conveyed in a variety of patterns based on the symbol of honeycombs, as a metaphor of the society.

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ARTFORMA - Branding Project Photo

The task: to create the new identity for the company-distributor of professional hair cosmetics.

Solution: we developed the name ARTFORMA, which speaks about art and beauty in all of its forms. The word FORM is also one of the main professional terms among the hairdressers who are the target audience of the company. Also, we created the slogan Enriching Expectations, which speaks about the high level of products.

The corporate style of ARTFORMA is built on the principle of dynamic identity. The main visual element is a specific "cloud", which varies depending on the context. Together with the original font part of the logo we created a lot of both static and animated forms of "cloud" — from smoke, paint, colorful balls and powder.

Also we created various elements of corporate style, presentation materials and brandbook.

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SYMPL beauty space
SYMPL beauty space - Branding Project Photo

Task: rebranding of the beauty salon

Solution: The key idea of ​​the new positioning was simplicity. This idea applies both to emotional things and to rational things. Real beauty is in simplicity. Real comfort is in the simple and convenient solutions. The name Sympl speaks directly about positioning and the laconic logo and corporate identity also supports the idea of ​​"simplicity".

Within the framework of the project we developed the name, slogan, logo, corporate identity, brand book and the principles of interior and exterior design. We also created a website for the project and a well thought-out CRM system, which allows to maximize individualization of the service — which means making the visit to SYMPL beauty space even easier and more enjoyable.

This project is the one of the winners at Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of 2018

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AVISTAR - Branding Project Photo

AVISTAR was founded by former professionals
in the management of a number of investment and commercial banks. A narrow specialization with a clear focus on problem loans allowed the company's specialists to accumulate unique expertise in investing in distress positions, starting with the first signs of default and ending with the debts of companies in liquidation and bankruptcy.

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Tetiana Bevz - Commenting photo (for comment «NEAT NAME» #0)
Tetiana Bevz
brand manager Vodafone
ARTUR VANYAN - Commenting photo (for comment «NEAT NAME» #1)
director of Joint Industrial Park company
POLINA YURCHENKO - Commenting photo (for comment «NEAT NAME» #2)
general director of Artforma
Andrey Gaidutsky - Commenting photo (for comment «NEAT NAME» #3)
Andrey Gaidutsky
Deputy Chairman of the State Property Fund of Ukraine 2015-2017
Michael did an excellent job for the name of our fare for youngster. The entire brand team immediately fell in love with the name JOICE. I hope that the new names that we have entrusted to NEAT NAME will be as bright as JOICE.
The guys from NEAT NAME created the names for our two projects: NEO PLAZA and FRANKLIN.

It's nice to find mutual understanding in such a difficult and delicate process as creating a name. We are grateful to the NEAT NAME team for their excellent work!
On behalf of ARTFORMA, we express our gratitude to Mikhail Stepansky and NEAT NAME team for their excellent work.

As a result of fruitful cooperation, a new, unique name was created, as well as an original logo and corporate identity

We recommend NEAT NAME specialists as professionals who are able to quickly and at a high level solve complex branding problems.
As part of the rebranding of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, NEAT NAME faced a difficult task — to develop a visual identity that would reflect changes in the work of the Fund, a desire to transparently cooperate with foreign investors in the field of privatization and leasing of state property.

The NEAT NAME team has accomplished this task perfectly. Thanks to the excellent work, the Fund received a logo and corporate identity, which was appreciated by both Ukrainian and foreign partners.

If you have an urgent question, please, contact us via social networks or by phone.

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